Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Week 5

In week 5 before we went to mine craft the class had a debate . The first thing we debated was the hores and what armore they have After a Wille we can to a Vote in the End we Voted that diamond aromr goes to the Police the Iron aromr Gose to the Farm if People Need it they can have Gold aromr .

Our Group this week was woking on Finishing the two Houses we Built Last week Audrey came over and Told US When needed roof on the House i was so dumb i acurely forgot to out a roof in the House and i thought i was done .Mean Wille i was i was Building a House on top of a issabelle was Building the Inside of the House Henry was Building a Green House . 

 When before we stared Minecraft we did our padllet Wall my goal for this Week was to responde to Feed back and Give Feed back 

I Rate my day at Minecraft a 10 out of 10 Because it was Great that i could Share my relighting Fire ciemne there is Going to be a tutorial on how to make the relighting Fire ciemne 

I acheved my goal by When i saw what issabelle Build i complmed what she had Done 

One of my issus was When i was trying to Speck to Gary about can i Break this Things you made He did not  Listen and i no other Choice so i had to Break it becase i was Doing my presention After i did my presention He was Disapointed i destored it . A  Challenge for me Nest Time is to take my Time 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Week 4

This Time at Minecraft When we got There we got in to our new padllet Wall of our Goals there was a Problem When somepeole from Riccarton greaft our World but Danny fixt it. Then we got on the Computers and started playing Minecraft i finished of the House i was woking on and added a few . When i was Building the House i saw gary Shootings some firworks of and i wanted  to Know how  to make  some He taught me how to make some 

I got my House Done  the House made a Fence Gary made a Road next to my House then i stared making the 2nd House next to the other House i finished the out Side of the House 

My goal was to have a can Do attude i had a can Do attude When i was Building the and Never giving up 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 3

first thing we did is we did was make a pallet wall for what are goal was  .We got back to building our house i built the kitchen and i found out how to build a fridge with a iron door an dispenser and a iron block and the roof .The roof was made of sand stone Slabs

My goal was to complete the outside inteor of the House also the roof  i acheved my goal by negoseating with my Group to acheved my goal 

I had a Problem when i was getting the Blocks for the roof but the Problem was that i used Sand Stone Slabs and it was a Problem Because it Took a longer Time Building the roof and that i could of Got Done more of the House if i had mit used Sand Stone Slabs