Sunday, 16 November 2014

Week 3

first thing we did is we did was make a pallet wall for what are goal was  .We got back to building our house i built the kitchen and i found out how to build a fridge with a iron door an dispenser and a iron block and the roof .The roof was made of sand stone Slabs

My goal was to complete the outside inteor of the House also the roof  i acheved my goal by negoseating with my Group to acheved my goal 

I had a Problem when i was getting the Blocks for the roof but the Problem was that i used Sand Stone Slabs and it was a Problem Because it Took a longer Time Building the roof and that i could of Got Done more of the House if i had mit used Sand Stone Slabs 

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  1. My two stars are:
    - you made a small but really detailed paragraph
    - you said all the things up you made and added lots of detail
    My wish is:
    A bit more paragraphs