Monday, 1 December 2014

Week 6

This week in Minecraft the First  thing we did is discuss our Goals we Talked about Creativity and how we should add Bigger Detail to our Builds like Adding pictures , flower Pots and Little Details so we got our pallet Walls Done  . After that we got back to mine craft i Carried on Building the House for me and Garygeorge i added Fire and a chouch for extra Detail to our House. Halley Waned to have one of my Fires so i made Her one . Then i finished of the House i was making It was Almost the end of the mine craft but we had some sharing Sadly i did not  get to Share my couch but i still had a good Time

My goal was to be creative in my builds and I achieved my goal by making my own couch that you can sit in . i built it because in minecraft it is  inpossible to acutely get a couch with out a mod but now you can all it is is two minecarts two rail way tracks and eany tye of wool along the out side

Isabelle was making extra details to the rest of the house Henry was still making his green house Titus was making his apartment and I was making a new house .

At the End of the minecraft i felt like i did a good Job at Building my House and the couch Sadly i did not get to Share my couch but i thought that i had my turn so it is fair to let other peole have a turn  at sharing 

My best Part about the day was When i was helping Halley Because She Wanted to know how to build a fire     

My successes was When i Finally Built my House i was making

I did not have Any Problems Or Challenges 

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