Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Week 7

This week the last week today before we stared going on are padlet wall we were descuss about getting done all of our Builds Because we are  changing to survival . If You don't Know what survival is in Minecraft it is When You have harts and Hunger Bars which You have to Keep up by having Food to eat also A lot of the Materials in Minecraft You have to craft . So then After that we got back to the padllet Wall for the Last Time . After that we got back to Minecraft i ended up  Finishing the House i was in and we got our Video to prosent to the Classic but there was a Problem that all the Videos that we did today were deletet . But before that we were Going to Switch to survival the First thing i did is Head over to the Houses are Group Built i got some Food and ate it at my House . Kater on i went down to issabelles House Because She had a horse There i wanted to Ride . I ended up Riding the Horse then it was Turning Night There was a Problem that it was to far to Walk home i just went to the hotel . The Bad News was in the Morning Thay chared US 1 diamond for Stay but out of nowere Tommy came in thowing enchared golden Apples so i paid with them and they alowed it then we had some sharing . Then it was the End of the Minecraft .

My goal  was to get done as much as i could . Acheved my goal by Finishing the House and adding a balcony also When we were on survival i had somthing to eat from my fridge 

Issabelle was making houres  and Food to add to the House Henry was Building his Green House 
And Titus was Building his Apartment .

I felt Safe on Creative and that Nothing can hurt me but When Turned to survival everything changed a lot of thing i was Doing i got hurt by like geting Shot out of a  TNT luancher infaced i died geting luanched and also i died drowning in water .

I think that this sestion was Fun Mostly Because of survival it Took Creative Mood a step up from just being inviserbele 

The best Part of Minecraft had to be the Recording Because i got to Show my House and cool Inventionen i made

My sucsses  is me surviving a Whole minecrft day also completing my House 

One of my Problems were When i was Building my TNT launcher I put 2 staks of TNT and it went Wong I ened up destoring the beach house but then I helpd build it up 

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